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With Google’s ever expanding empire we are now starting to see 100’s of new and exciting services that blend themselves very nicely with the wants and needs of the Google customer.

Google maps uk is one such service that has seen an uprising in terms of people wanting to find detailed information about the street maps of the uk and Google’s mapping service has managed to service this niche with the usual efficiency acclaimed to their brand.

Please forgive me but this is a nonsense blog built to determine traffic patterns.

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Macbook pro review – yours for only $1,699

Macbook pro review – yours for only $1,699

In this article Macbook pro review we will detail the obvious benefits to buying a refurbished Macbook pro notebook without compromising on the quality or functional capabilities of a brand new notebook.

To suggest a refurbished notebook to some people is a ridiculous concept. To others this very same concept makes perfect sense and for good reason.
The word ‘refurbished’ in some peoples eyes conjures up images of dysfunctional and tatty looking goods as they can only associate this word with ‘second hand’ or ‘used’ and unfortunately for them, they can’t see beyond their own misinformed beliefs.
On the other hand they see ‘brand new’ as being a positive symbol of their status and wealth and to afford ‘brand new’ clearly makes these people better people, right?


In many instances, most corporations will create new models simply to keep generating interest in their products and more importantly to keep generating sales.
Granted you may get additional upgrades with the ‘brand new’ notebook or their may be a new development in the design of the model but 99% of the time, the old notebook is as good as the new.
Furthermore you can often purchase upgrades as and when you need them which will keep your notebook bang up to date with the new models, but won’t cost you an additional $500 to do so.

Its not like I disagree with buying new. Hell if you do buy new then I encourage you to carry on as I firmly belief that one man’s poison is another man’s medicine.
What your getting for your money is what you want to get and at the end of the day its nobody’s business what you do with your cold hard cash.

But if only you could look beyond this reasoning for just one moment then you would see possibilities that could save you a small fortune.

It makes perfect sense to buy at a cheaper price, especially if the notebook you are buying has all of the applications and specifications of a new model.

This isn’t some second rate back street vendor who is refurbishing these Macbook pro laptops. This is Apple who refurbish these notebooks and each notebook is taken through some very strict and detailed checks before it is even considered for resale.

Check out what Apple says about its refurbished products:

  • Each Apple Certified Refurbished Product: is fully tested (including full burn-in testing).
  • is refurbished with replacement parts for any defective modules identified in testing.
  • is put through a thorough cleaning process and inspection.
  • is repackaged (including appropriate manuals, cables, new boxes, etc.).
  • includes the operating software originally shipped with the unit and the custom software offered with that system. See each products “Learn More” for more details.
  • is given a new refurbished part number and serial number.
  • is placed into a Final QA inspection prior to being added to sell able refurbished stock.

Refurbishment procedures follow the same basic technical guidelines as Apple’s Finished Goods testing procedures.

Buying a refurbished Macbook pro isn’t about scrimping or saving money only to lose out on quality. Apple’s refurbished Macbook pro notebooks are as good as any new models only a damn site cheaper.
Our own investigations have unveiled some great deals on the Macbook pro and on other Apple products.
For further details check out the following site.

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Easy chicken recipes

Easy Chicken Recipes

January 27th 2008 by Easy recipes at home


Easy chicken recipes is a fantastic title as the name suggests exactly what it says on the tin. With Easy chicken recipes it doesn’t matter if you’re a struggling student on a tight budget or a busy mum looking for an easy yet nutritious recipe, chicken is versatile enough to satisfy all of the criteria and to add has some great nutritional benefits.

It is great for diets as it contains very little fat, especially around the breast.
It’s a great source of protein which protects against bone loss. Especially beneficial to the elderly.
It’s also high in niacin which can help prevent Alzheimer’s disease and age-related cognitive decline.

But beyond all of these obvious benefits, anyone can cook a simple recipe using chicken as a raw source of ingredients.
The problem with people actually getting into the kitchen these days isn’t about time or busy schedules, although these play some part in the decline of this once favourite pastime, its about the loss of knowledge.

Take the following article published by The Shopper Report- Home cooking loses ground.(Brief Article)

In this article it expresses exactly what I am trying to say. The passion for good, rustic, homemade food is something that is slipping away and if we don’t act now then our culture will be changed forever.

Visit any supermarket today and just take note of the amount of pre packed, pre prepared ready made food that dominate the shelves.
We have undoubtedly succumbed to a plastic food revolution, not led by the people, but led by the corporate giants that profit on back of our bad habits.
We are quite simply put, sheep before the shepherds when it comes to food and global industries are built on the back of this ignorance.

Is it too late? Is there no way back? Are we ready to let go of a millennia of ancestral tradition and conform to a new generation of fast food that has little or no benefit to the consumer?

Well there is so much more you can be doing to stop this trend. Get yourself back in the kitchen. Get passionate about your food and start caring about what you put in your body.
Bookmark this page and pass it on to others so that they may too awaken from their hypnotic state.

Please forgive me if you feel that I am some sort of crusade here but my passion is cooking. Knowing how easy it is to cook is something that lights my fire and forces me to speak out to others.
There is no need to live on a poor diet.

Within this article I have provided some links to web sites that are simply crowded with hundreds of free recipes, ranging from chicken to salads and from vegetables to rice.
That’s right, it’s all free.
They don’t want a penny from you and every recipe is yours to use again and again.
There are thousands of recipes within that are no more time consuming in preparation than waiting the 10 minutes for your frozen meal to thaw.

Easy chicken recipes is about finding recipes that can be prepared by anybody. Don’t be afraid if your new to cooking. Don’t shy away from this great hobby as the benefits are truly inspiring and can change your life.
Better recipes is the A to Z of free recipes and offers a completely free service. There is also a star rating system that categorizes the recipes according to the benefits of each recipe.
Razzle Dazzle is not as aesthetically pleasing but still hosts a wealth of fantastic recipes and doesn’t overwhelm you with banners etc.
Again another great site that provides some fantastic free recipes to be enjoyed by anybody.

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Chicken soup recipes

Chicken soup recipes, can they cure the cold?

Can Chicken Soup Recipes cure the common coldThis article, chicken soup recipes, will explore the very popular and world renowned opinion that chicken soup is a natural cure for the common cold.
For literally thousands of years and from peasants to royalty, people have been of the common assumption that chicken soup has natural medicinal properties. This leads to the believe that chicken soup can help aid the recovery of the ‘ill’ without the need for taking the sometimes unpopular and less tasteful medicines that dominate chemist shelves in there thousands.Can chicken soup cure the ill??1. Chicken soup recipes is no 1 on Google search listings when you type in ‘chicken soup’ as a search reference.You may ask what in God’s name has this got to do with the healing properties of this broth.
Well out of myth is born believe and out of believe is born a cure.
Let me explain further.
In many research labourites there has taken place countless placebo versus actual cure experiments.This breaks down as follows:
Out of 10 people participating in the experiment, 5 have been issued with a regular pill which has been designed to cure whatever random symptom or illness they may be suffering from and the other 5, without their knowledge, have been issued with nothing more than a sugar pill.
This popular experiment is known as the ‘placebo effect’
In the following link this effect is explained to a greater degree.

In most cases, the ‘sugar pill’ was just as successful at curing the test case volunteers as the real pill was.

Are the healing properties in ‘chicken soup’ a direct result of the ‘placebo effect’?

Back to my earlier point in respect of the Google search rankings.
This simple recipe is a legend and literally 1000’s of people search for it on a daily basis.
Just for reference the true figures are.
Google pages- 4,440,000
Actual visitors per day- 6,250

This is just one search engine!!

Don’t you get it??

How can so many people be wrong??

Chicken soup is a popular today as it ever has been and the figures speak for themselves.

Is this healing process born out of the ‘healing process’ or the ‘believing process’?

2. The chemical contents of ‘chicken soup’ are believed to contain healing properties.

A theory, put forth by Stephen Rennard, M.D., chief of pulmonary medicine at the University of Nebraska Medical Centre in Omaha, is that chicken soup acts as an anti-inflammatory. The soup, he says, keeps a check on inflammatory white blood cells (neutrophils). Cold symptoms, such as coughs and congestion, are often caused by inflammation produced when neutrophils migrate to the bronchial tubes and accumulate there.

This theory backs up the argument that the ‘soup’ does contain medicinal like ingredients that help towards a cure.
Sites such as again come to the aid of such statements. “Symptoms of colds can be aided by chicken soup because it has a mild medicinal effect. Chicken soup contains an amino acid that is similar to a drug used to treat some respiratory infections.”

3. Many doctors remain sceptical.

Dr. Allison McGeer quotes, We used to treat syphilis with arsenic and we used to bleed people to make them better,” McGeer explains. “The world is full of treatments including recent treatments that are utter and errant nonsense and don’t stand up to scientific examination and the fact we believe things does not make them true.”
In essence the evidence for the ‘chicken soup cure’ is as strong today as it ever has been.

For what it is worth I believe that faith is the secret cure amongst all of this theory. The power of the mind still remains a mystery and there is very little that is understood about this most wonderful areas of creation.
The old saying is, ‘you are only limited by your own limitations’.
Think about this.
If I believe that ‘chicken soup’ can and will cue me then guess what?
‘Chicken soup’ will cure me.
Faith, believe call it what you like at the end of the day miracles are born out of faith and believe can make the difference to anybody’s world
Its time to get your crackpot out and blow off all of those cobwebs!!
We have 400 recipes that tick all of the boxes.

Cheap and cheerful!
Fast and Efficient!
Great tasting!
Food the whole family will like!

So what are you waiting for.
Follow the link and see what all of the fuss is about.

101 tasty chicken recipes!!

Macbook review – Possibly the best notebook there is!!

Macbook review

The end of an era!!


In this article, macbook review, we explore why it is that I believe apple have created one of the most in-genius models of technological brilliance, which is to my mind, an unrivaled and much celebrated accolade to the apple team.

My quest for perfection began many months ago and most likely, it also began pretty much in the same way that many quests for a new laptop begin.
Being towards the end of November I was sat at my desk watching the dying sun as it slipped behind a brooding mass of cloud, and already feeling the foreboding sense of dread as I witnessed the many signs of the approaching Winter. The sky was gun metal Grey, the trees had been stripped of there leaves and once blossoming flower beds now mocked me with there bland and mud sodden emptiness. I like millions of people was gripped by the foreboding sense of melancholy that lies in the barren wastelands of time that proceeds the last of the Summer.

The time that is known as SAD.

And SAD I was, my nights were drawing in and the one savior of my pitiful little existence was ready for the bone collector. Thats right, after five years of happiness together my laptop had finally decided enough was enough and no longer could it take anymore of my endless tweaking, modifications and upgrades………….it was bowing out.

Obviously my thoughts were turned towards finding a replacement yet without so much as a dollar in my pocket, thoughts can sometimes be nasty little critters that tease and mock with malicious like intent. How would I get a new laptop with no cash?

My obsession with the Macbook began some two months following the silent but never forgotten death of my laptop. I first saw this vision advertised on the back of some computing magazine that was being read by some techno geek (takes on to know one) who was siting opposite me on the tube.

The long awaited Apple Macbook is reviewed the title stated, or something similar. At the time the title could have said ‘Aliens land on Earth’ for I didn’t stop staring at that image for the rest of the journey, which incidentally wasn’t that long as the guy who was reading the mag got up off his seat when an old dear boarded the train and gave him that look that says ‘hop it’.

Apple had done their magic and that first image was now burned within my mind like a ranchers brand on the hide of his cattle.

For the next two weeks I thought of nothing but and it was Macbook review this and Macbook review that. My life was not my own and all I wanted as that wonderful and most fantastic of creations to be mine.

Apple Design Macbook magic


With its “unbelievably thin” design and a sleek black on silver outer casing, Apple have really done a number on the new Macbook notepad. This model shouts out style and chic and would not be out of place in the hands of the worlds greatest players and shakers. This Macbook is truly the work of a genius and every contour and every angle has been lovingly crafted to the highest of standards. Weighing in at just 5.0 pounds and just 1.8″ thick the new Macbook is as slim as a slim Jim and twice as refreshing.

The design also incorporates some original little features that only add to this models desirability. There is a fool proof power adapter that just about anybody can use, as well as a magnetic latch which streamlines itself to the mainframe- making the macbook a genius of genius design.

The magnetic latch is particularly useful as it puts and end to the traditional catches featured on other models, that can easily jam.


The fool proof power adapter means greater protection for your Apple notepad as it puts an end to clumsy feet snagging on loose power cords. This revolutionary design allows the power cord to break free of the mainframe if it is unexpectedly pulled, which means your Macbook stays in one piece and your not having to dish out on expensive repairs.

Design is great but strength in design is even better. It’s no good looking pretty if your too fragile to be seen. The Macbook design is finished with a tough and durable polycarbonate shell and can take all the knocks and bumps that come from leading a busy life.

Nobody is putting this baby in a corner.

Trains, planes and automobiles

On the go…….no problem Apple have designed this Macbook to respond to your needs not dictate how and where you can use it. It doesn’t matter if your a frequent flyer or railroader, the Macbook will blend in with your surroundings and will respond to your every desire, wish or command at the flick of a switch. This is the original ‘Genie in a bottle’ and when you start using it you’ll want no other.


The Macbook features a glossy widescreen display that is a boastful 13.3″ in diameter and a pixel resolution 1280-by-800. Write a script, play a game or watch a movie this notebook allows you to do it all.

Desirability is useful but practicality is a necessity.

Professional is about reaching for number one. The Apple team fully understand this principle and have given the Macbook the edge that will help the achiever realize their goals.

The notebook is designed with time in mind. With quality there comes reliability and the Macbook is built with the best parts using the best people to build it. From dream to concept to reality, the Apple team are responsible for every part of the Macbook. Apple build the software, Apple build the hardware and Apple see that it is put together with the highest of standards. This means there is next to zero chance of any incompatibility’s and it ensures that you are buying a quality brand…….a brand you can trust.

This is down to the incredible operating system and the superb applications. At the heart of this system there sits a super strength UNIX foundation that means the Macbook runs with precision like reliability.

For further information on the Macbook or other Apple brands please follow the link below. not convinced?

Take a long hard look at the following comparison table. It might be that you can get a cheaper model, it might be that you can get more memory for your dollar or a better processor but it doesn’t mean that your going to get the same quality that has become world renown with the Apple Brand and the Apple Macbook.

Hope you enjoyed this Macbook review!!

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